RisingSun Montessori’s Scholarship Exams for the Achievers

Is another academic year again and Achievers Ghana as usual has been given another opportunity to send girls from Achievers to write exams in order to qualify for full scholarship for the RisingSun Montessori School. Our profound gratitude goes to the Board of Directors and Management team of RisingSun Montessori for helping to salvage theContinue reading “RisingSun Montessori’s Scholarship Exams for the Achievers”

Founder of Circumspecte visits Achievers

On 5th of January we were honoured to have Jemila Abdulai, ¬†founder of Circumspecte, spend the evening with the girls. Circumspecte contributed significantly towards our fundraising activities last year by organizing the Circumspecte 2014 Ramadan Fundraiser. Thanks to this , 7 new girls received scholarships to go to school. On Monday, Jemila met the girlsContinue reading “Founder of Circumspecte visits Achievers”