Alcatel – Lucent visits Achievers Ghana

This November we were able to host volunteers from Alcatel – Lucent through a collaboration with tech needs girls. The event themed ” You can also make it!” was a platform for these volunteers to share real life experiences with our girls, mentor and motivate them. Alcatel – Lucent also provided training to our girls on how to setContinue reading “Alcatel – Lucent visits Achievers Ghana”

Achievers senior students participate in Peer Counselling Training

Nine girl were sponsored by Achievers in a peer counselling mentorship workshop organized by Rayuwa Foundation at the Ghana Lebanon Senior High School. Rayuwa Foundation aims at improving the lives of communities by providing pyscho-social services. Fatimatu Salami (on left), describes her experience as very rewarding. She is now an able counsellor who can advise andContinue reading “Achievers senior students participate in Peer Counselling Training”