Computers kindly donated by FWG African Foods

ABC girls excited with new computers
ABC girls excited with new computers

The Achievers Book is very happy to have received 2 additional computers this week. The two nice HP desktop computers were kindly donated by FWG African Foods, a Brazilian food company based with an office in in Accra.

Mrs Yindra Semanat, the general manager of FWG African Foods, was very kind when giving the computers to ABC’s Amadu Mohammed. She gave us a very good reception and before giving out the computers, she tested all in front of us to assured us that all is ok. She told us to call for her assistance if the need arise.

Computers donated by FWG African Foods
The HP computers donated by FWG African Foods

Prior to receiving these computers the ABC’s 180 girls were forced to share only 2 computers. At least our dream of setting an ICT center is coming to reality. New with the addition to the computers giving by Mrs. Yindra, we now have four, and we hope to receive more in the near future so that we can better serve the needs of our girls.

Thanks FWG African Foods!

Children’s Peace Prize Nomination

The Achievers Book Club is proud to announce that today ABC’s co-founder, Amina Ismeal, was nominated for the World Children’s Peace Prize.
Amina Childrens World Peace Prize
The children nominated for 2012 are Amina (15) from Ghana, Anwara (16) from India and Kesz (13) from the Philippines. They were selected from 97 entries from 43 different countries. Amina, Anwara and Kesz are actively committed to advocating children’s rights. They all brought about impressive changes in their communities at a very young age, each in their own way.

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