The Achievers on National TV again!

We were very excited to once more contribute on national tv to discussions on empowering the girl-child in slum communities thanks to Mrs Acolatse Apaloo, hostess of Women’s Voice. Congratulations to our very own 13-year old Muna Hamidu and Amadu Mohammad, founder and Director, for representing us on the show. They talked on challenges facing the girl-child in slums such as Nima as well as challenges facing the Achievers in the support and sponsorship of close to 200 such girls this school year.

achievers interview

The show concluded with a drama themed, Consesquences of early child-marriage. Thanks to the many viewers who commended our work and sent in words of encouragement. We are also grateful to our passionate hostess, Mrs Acolatse Apaloo, GTV and GBC24 network for exposing our work in slum communities.

achievers group

Achievers Ghana interacts with the Leading Ladies Network

On May 14th, we had the opportunity to interact with members of the Leading Ladies Network at a cocktail event held at the Hub Accra.


Yawa Hansen-Quao, the founder and Director of the Leading Ladies Network, shared with members the achievements of Achievers Ghana especially in empowering young girls in the Nima-Maamobi community. Yawa, who also mentored our girls at the recent Sisters Forum, voiced out challenges as well as the various ways members of the Leading Ladies Network can offer support.

When Amadu Mohammad, co-founder of the Achievers, was asked about his passion for the cause, he explained, ” My mum though illiterate  was committed to ensuring I would be educated. Through her commitment and sacrifices, I cannot help but champion the cause of the girl-child in my community. We can all help make a difference.”

picture 2

We are truly appreciative and excited about this new relationship with Yawa and  the Leading Ladies Network.

The Achievers reading more …thanks to e-library

People always ask precisely what we do every evening at Achievers. Well, every evening, over 60 girls troop into the center to participate in discussion sessions, public speaking seminars, writing workshops,  poetry and arts, tech workshops, or simply to read a book on one of the 25 e-readers (100 titles each) we are opportune to have through a partnership with Worldreader. There is never  really a dull moment.


This week in particular we learned that some of the Achievers have completed all 100 titles on the e-readers and now yearning for more.  We are grateful for books such as Disability is not Inability, Ayisha, etc, that have become popular amongst our girls and that have taught them that a person’s circumstances should never limit them from reaching their fullest potential.

We are also grateful for the various kinds of positive interactions having a library continues to promote in our community. It has certainly been another busy week for the Achievers.

 achieversAjara (right) – head librarian





Global Youth Service Day

“This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” Robert Kennedy

 Achievers Ghana  is  extremely pleased to be hosting the 2015 Global Youth Service Day celebration in Ghana. After all, like Mahatma Gandhi, we believe that ” if we are to reach real peace in this world….we shall have to begin with children.”


gloabl youth service sayTo learn how you can sponsor, collaborate and support the celebration of youth and service in Ghana this April, contact Achievers Ghana.

The Sisters Forum – an inspirational ladies forum for the young Achievers

Our 15-year-old co-founder, Amina Ismail Daru, has been known to say that her biggest challenge  is empowering the minds of girls who come to Achievers (changing their mentalities about the role of women), since there are no role models in the community.

Well, not anymore…

On February 7th, Achievers Ghana held its first ever Sisters Forum themed Inspire and be Inspired. This event brought together eight inspiring and passionate women across various disciplines and 60 younger but equally inspiring Achievers!


 Through lightning talks and small group sessions our girls eagerly interacted with their mentors, asking never-ending questions and getting to know each one of them personally. The mentors presented on several themes including Determining ones Career Path, Popularity isn’t Everything, Dealing with Disappointment, Academic Struggles, Peer and Family Influence, Becoming a Better Writer etc.


Most importantly, they left life lessons (a few listed below) that will continue to enrich  and empower the minds of these girls for a long time to come.

Don’t let laughter stop you; don’t let it steal your voice                                                           Yawa Hansen-Quao

As a woman, make time for your dreams. Society may not necessarily encourage it… Kinna Likimani

Don’t let fear cripple you or you will lose out in life                                                                Jessica Saforo


But the Achievers weren’t the only ones  positively affected and inspired by the event. So were our mentors!

It was another reminder of the many needs of the girl child in our communities. I hope it can be replicated in other communities.  Joyce Agyare, Educational Consultant.

I loved the determination shown by the girls. I loved the enthusiasm shown. I was intensely moved by the poetry recitals. Dr Lantana Forson, Achimota Hospital.

 To these amazing women

Yawa Hansen-Quao, Joyce Agyare, Jessica Saforo, Kinna Likimani, Dr. Lantana Forson, Nana Nyarko Boateng, Sandria Bruce and Yaganoma Baatoulkuu

 Thank You for Inspiring and being Inspired!

More than 130 additional scholarships for girls in 2014

2014 was a year of substantial growth for the Achievers. With the help of our generous donors and supporters, large and small, we were able to provide an additional 136 scholarships for girls from the Nima slum community, so they are able to attend school.

The total number of scholarships provided by the Achievers at the end of 2014 exceeded 200. That represents more than 200 girls who are able to attend school and develop to their full potential. But in 2015 we aim to do more. Much more.

Some of the girls who received scholarships from the Achievers in 2014

To all our partners: organizations, companies and individuals who contributed in so many ways to help us accomplish our goals we say:

Me daa si, Thank you, Dank je wel,  Na gode! 

RisingSun Montessori, MTN hero of change, Projects Abroad, Tech Needs Girls, WorldreaderOasis Capital, CircumspecteRayuwa Foundation,  Alcatel-LucentJazi Foundation, Munipa Foundation,  Nick Beesley and many more, 

We are extremely grateful, and as we begin 2015, look forward to furthering these partnerships.

Founder of Circumspecte visits Achievers

On 5th of January we were honoured to have Jemila Abdulai,  founder of Circumspecte, spend the evening with the girls. Circumspecte contributed significantly towards our fundraising activities last year by organizing the Circumspecte 2014 Ramadan Fundraiser. Thanks to this , 7 new girls received scholarships to go to school.


On Monday, Jemila met the girls for the first time, engaging them in a question and answer forum. She shared her own experiences as a young muslim woman and a prolific writer. Naturally, the girls had a ton of questions.

As co-founder Amina always says, ” It’s hard changing mentalities in the community when we do not have women who have made it through education.”

Achievers Ghana is always grateful for opportunities such as this!

Alcatel – Lucent visits Achievers Ghana

This November we were able to host volunteers from Alcatel – Lucent through a collaboration with tech needs girls.

achievers final use

The event themed ” You can also make it!” was a platform for these volunteers to share real life experiences with our girls, mentor and motivate them. Alcatel – Lucent also provided training to our girls on how to set up email accounts, use these accounts, as well as, general internet usage.

achievers final use 2

It was truly another incredible day where our girls were greatly inspired!

This year we have been privileged to have several organizations provide mentorship, leadership and technical training for our girls: Projects Abroad, Tech Needs Girls, Curious minds,  Rayuwa Foundation, Worldreader, and now Alcatel -Lucent. We are very grateful to all and look forward to even more of these programs in the upcoming year!!!