Thank you Achievers Ghana for giving me hope (Huda Anaafi)

Thank you Achievers Ghana for giving me hope. Those were the words of Huda Anaafi. Huda Anaafi is a proud member of Achievers Ghana and student of Alwaleed Comprehensive Basic Junior High School at Nima Kanda. Huda is preparing to write her Basic education Certificate examination starting from next month 5th of June, 2017. Miss Huda has been a member and a beneficiary of Achievers Ghana Scholarship and Girls empowerment program since 2011. She lives with her grandmother since age 4 and now age 15 in the Nima Slum.

Huda Anaafi will like to become Computer Technician and an army officer in the future. Huda’s educational depends on your kind donation. Make her dream come to reality.

HudaHuda Anaafi – a proud member of Achievers Ghana

Donate Now on GlobalGiving to help Achievers Ghana sponsor 350 girls in the slums of Ghana through this link:


We need to raise an amount of $5,000 from 40 donors within three weeks to become permanent partner to Global Giving starting from June 12 to 30.  We will need your kind support to help us exceed our target in order to help support many girls in the slums oPlease kindly share the link to all your family, friends, well wishers and all your contacts and encourage them to donate to help promote the well being of a deprived girl child. f Accra.

Please kindly share the link to all your family, friends, well wishers and all your contacts and encourage them to donate to help promote the well being of a deprived girl child. Thank you once again for your kind support and I hope to hearing from you soon.

350 Scholarships For Ramadan Fundraising Campaign

Alhamdulillah, we are truly blessed to have reached another month in which our good deeds are multiplied manifold. This year 350 girls from slum communities are under scholarship and girl’s empowerment program.

20150929_115916Let keep the smiles of these girls alive 

If they are to continue their education, we need to be able to support them with all our resources.

Ramadan Fundraising

We need a total of GH¢50,000. If 500 people donate GH¢100.00 our target will be reached. This will provide scholarships for the 350 of these girls and help them to stay in school. A generous donor has also committed to match any funds raised by 50%, meaning that if we can get enough donations we could possibly fund all of 350 scholarships.20151004_155546Will you help us achieve our Ramadan fundraising goal?

Any amount donated will help. Please be generous. Think about the benefit you can bring to these young and deprived girls. Think about the reward you will have with Allah (swt). The Prophet (saws) said: “The best charity is that given in Ramadan.

Please you can make your DONATION through MTN Mobile Money


 You can also visit any branch of

Sahel Sahara Bank 

and make your DONATION  through information below:

Account Name:

Achievers Ghana Education          

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We look forward to you supporting us in this blessed month and helping us improve the lives future of young girls through quality education.

Jazaakum Allahu Kheir

Thank You for making our Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) event a success.

On 23rd April, 2017, Achievers Ghana climaxed its Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) event with an educational forum on the theme “Promoting Basic Education in the Zongo Communities”. The goal was to raise awareness on the importance of basic education in our communities”


The event was, once again, a great success, and we hope all participants enjoyed and have learnt from our great speakers.

Mrs Amissah Matilda Arthur – Wife of former Vice President of Ghana

Hajia Safura Andani

Our incredible speakers at the event 

Achievers Drama group performing a drama

The drama performing group were excellent and the audience turnout was encouraging. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to support our GYSD event. The entire event was truly enjoyable. We appreciate the time, effort and skills of the girls. All of their routines were impressive. 

Invited guest at the event

Some of the girls were given certificates of honour for their contribution in their communities.  

Many thanks to Mrs Amissah Matilda Arthur, Hajia Safura Andani and her team of women in engineering, honourable Hafiz Abubakar, honourable Alahey Baba, Abdul Samed Zurak, Decency Youth Club, Friends Rest Youth Club. Higher Achievers Youth Club. 

Our profound thanks also go to Sister Dorcas of JoyPrime TV, Maraba Radio and many more individuals who helped grace the occasion, The dedicated members and volunteers of Achievers Ghana who serve in this organization are to be commended for the sharing of their resources and time to enhance educational opportunities for girls in our various communities.

Again, our thanks to all involved for their participation.

RYTHM Foundation Sponsors E-Readers And Digital Books To Achievers Ghana


RYTHM Foundation (RF), through its partnership with Worldreader, funded an e-reader project for Achievers Ghana by sponsoring 50 Kindle e-readers immaculately pre-loaded with 100 books. The concept here was instead of setting up libraries and filling them with physical books, these custom-designed e-readers would provide more flexibility and mobility for accessing books, in addition to providing more convenience in terms of space and cost.

the-e-readers-we-sponsored-in-partnership-with-worldreader-768x576The e-readers we sponsored in partnership with Worldreader.

Worldreader (WR) is a non-profit organization providing e-reading facilities and digital books to rural and underprivileged schools in the African-Sub Saharan region. Apart from using technology to promote reading, WR also helps local authors from Africa and India to digitize and translate their books, encouraging local authors to write more and inspire young students to take up writing.

mr.-nicholas-goh-coo-of-quest-international-university-perak-qiup-3rd-from-right-with-representatives-from-worldreader-768x576Mr. Nicholas Goh, COO of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) 3rd from right with representatives from Worldreader

Achievers Ghana is a program located in one of the biggest slums in West Africa that has a small, but thriving e-reading program. Currently, there are around 350 girls in their program and their main objective is to inspire, educate and equip girls in slum communities, focusing on reading and empowerment through a school-to-school reading program throughout the slum.

some-of-the-girls-who-benefit-from-our-sponsorship-768x576Some of the girls who benefit from our sponsorship.

On Friday, 17 March 2017, representing the Foundation, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Director of Business Development for the QI Group and Regional Director of Africa, and Mr. Nicholas Goh, Chief Operating Officer of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) traveled to Nima in Ghana to meet with representatives from both Achievers Ghana and WR as well as the girls who have benefited from RF’s sponsorship of the e-readers. In his speech, Mr. Krishna Kumar, who has daughters of his own, spoke of how heartwarming it was to see so many bright, intelligent girls in the room whom he referred to as the future of Ghana.

inspiring-speech-from-mr.-krishna-kumar-director-of-business-development-for-the-qi-group-and-regional-director-of-africa.-623x414Inspiring speech from Mr. Krishna Kumar, Director of Business Development for the QI Group and Regional Director of Africa.

RF identifies with Achievers Ghana in the belief that the first step to preventing social crisis amongst girls is through educating them when they are young, similar to what the Foundation advocates through programs such at the Maharani Camp.

inspiring-speech-from-mr.-nicholas-goh-coo-of-qiup--768x1024Inspiring speech from Mr. Nicholas Goh, COO of QIUP.

The Foundation hopes to establish its presence in the region and build long-term partnerships with both Achievers Ghana and WR, working together to continue educating young girls in the communities they serve and uplift the surrounding communities. We also hope to eventually replicate this concept and program in its own Maharani Learning Lab in Sungai Siput, broadening education through technology in addition to building knowledge, skills and self-confidence amongst the participants.

One of the students reading from an e-reader device and some of the girls who benefit from the sponsorship. 

Achievers Ghana Wins The Most Outstanding NGO In The Nima Excellence Awards (NEA) – 2016

Achievers Ghana is extremely honored to received such an important award, The Most Outstanding NGO in the Nima Excellence Award (NEA) -2016. Nima Excellence Award (NEA) is an annual award program designed to celebrate the hard working people and organizations in Nima, Accra New-Town, Maamobi, Pig Farm, Kotobabi, Kanda and Ruga.

unspecifiedPresenting the award by Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development  Honourable Alhaji Abubakar Saddique Boniface

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 3.08.54 PM

We have been facing several challenges, but each one of them has only strengthened us to make it to where we are today; our mission of giving holistic and quality education to a girl child in the slums is all that we aspire to achieve.

Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration and support of our supporters, sponsors and partners – Jazi Foundation, Global Fund for Children, Worldreader, Leading Ladies Network, Project Abroad- Ghana, United Way – Ghana and Center for Development Initiative (CDI). Alhaji Azumah, Alhaji Mijiwaya, Alhaji Zurak, Sheikh Hussein Abdul Rahman and many more individuals, who in their own way contributed to our success story, we dedicated this award to you all. It is through all of you we derived the strength to challenge ourselves and perform better at each stage.

NEA2017 (8 of 173)

We sincerely thank the organizers and sponsors of this award – Nima Excellence Award (NEA) and everyone of you for helping us reach a stage where we can proudly hold up this award as a mark of achievement. We also promise to only get better at our work so that you can see more of  such  awards. Thank you!

Mentoring Visit by a team of graduate student consultants from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN, USA).

Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who care about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity. Yet one in three young people will grow up without this critical asset.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 5.14.15 PMTori Samples, Noey Neumark and Jim Schorr introducing themselves to the girls.

Achievers Ghana is privileged and happy to host a team of graduate business student consultants from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN, USA) in the persons of Tori Samples, Noey Neumark and Jim Schorr.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 5.19.24 PM (1)Jim Schorr with section of the girls.

The team threw light on the importance of embracing business in the early lives of the girls as they transit from childhood to adulthood. They emphasized that women’s role in business is vital and they contribute billion of money to the local economy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 5.21.59 PMTori Samples interacting with some of the girls 

Introducing the concept of business to girls will help them become economically empowered and self-sustenance and become responsible citizens in building their communities.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 5.19.24 PM (2)Noey Neumark having group discussing of the section of the girls.

The team’s visit is part of our new program “The Journey to Career Choice”. This program facilitates young girls in the slums of Ghana to meet individual mentors who have vast experience in career and professional areas which the girls can learn and relate themselves to. The essence of the program is to expose the young girls to many careers so that they can made a well defined choice.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-09 at 3.04.00 AMA group photo of the mentors and mentees.

Our profound thanks goes to Emily Sheldon, Director of Health Innovation, Impact Hub Accra for making it possible for the team to visit Achievers Ghana. She said this through a private mail after few days of the team’s visit.   ” Amadu, I want to extend a sincere thank you for taking the time to meet with the visiting student consultant team from Vanderbilt University last week. Of the many meetings and site visits they had throughout the week, Achievers Ghana was one of their most memorable experiences – and I know they are carrying great appreciation of your work back to the states. Thanks again for the incredible work you do – and for allowing us to share glimpses of it with the world”

Thank you all!

Why invest in slum girls’ education?

Most women and girls in the slums of Accra, do not often get the necessary support that is required from their families or community to gain an education. Some of these girls who were lucky to find themselves in the classroom are there without a purpose. Probably, there are sent there just to pave way for the parents or family members to have a peace of mind at home and not with the intention to develop a career out of it or to be responsible .


When a family does not have the financial resources to provide quality education to all their children, they prefer to give more education to their boy children. Because most of the women are not educated, they are unable to provide quality education to their daughters. So slum-based women and girls are trapped in a vicious circle, and the education of many girl children is neglected. The girls find it very difficult to get quality basic education. They do not have a positive supportive environment and attention that is required.


After school, in their slum community, there are no safe places where they can gather and learn on their own. Their families often prefer girls to stay home, and don’t support their learning.

Without support for their education at school, at home, or in their neighbourhood, many girls are lacking even basic literacy and numeracy skills.


Many girls and young women in the slums are generally less educated, less healthy, and less free than their male peers. They do not enjoy the basic rights and protections of citizenship, including the right to reach majority age, attend school, access health care services and information, hold certain jobs, stop unwanted sexual advances, or obtain justice for sexual assault and abuse.


Because of their lack of economic opportunity and the social norms disfavouring them, girls and women are often regarded as less worthy of investment or protection from their families, resulting in early marriage and motherhood. Investment in girls’ education, health, protection from violence, and economic opportunity enable girls’ to realise their human rights. For too long, girls in the slums have been kept in the background and that is a fact. And we use religion, tradition and cultural practices as an excuse. They are our girls who will soon grow to become women and they need to be empowered.

cropped-cropped-jazi-foundation-logo1    gfc-logo    worldreader-logorising-sun  05e31f4b060d7f1456d55de5d8402844  oasis

Our profound appreciation goes to our sponsors above who are helping in making it possible for a slum girl child to have the needed attention and education she deserve to become phenomena. Many profound thanks also goes to individuals like Mrs Matilda Amissah Arthur – the wife of the vice president of Ghana, Alhaji Azumah of 37, Hajia Fuseina of Kasoa, Nana Moses and many more who one way or the other are contributing to the success story of Achievers Ghana. ABC_2

With 250 girls and still counting, many girls are there waiting to be helped and come out from their bondage. You can also be part of this wonderful initiation of making a slum girl a productive citizen of their various communities. Your contributions and donations will make this possible. Come and be part of these this noble call and help change and make the life of a slum girl a better one.