Why invest in slum girls’ education?

Most women and girls in the slums of Accra, do not often get the necessary support that is required from their families or community to gain an education. Some of these girls who were lucky to find themselves in the classroom are there without a purpose. Probably, there are sent there just to pave way for the parents or family members to have a peace of mind at home and not with the intention to develop a career out of it or to be responsible .


When a family does not have the financial resources to provide quality education to all their children, they prefer to give more education to their boy children. Because most of the women are not educated, they are unable to provide quality education to their daughters. So slum-based women and girls are trapped in a vicious circle, and the education of many girl children is neglected. The girls find it very difficult to get quality basic education. They do not have a positive supportive environment and attention that is required.


After school, in their slum community, there are no safe places where they can gather and learn on their own. Their families often prefer girls to stay home, and don’t support their learning.

Without support for their education at school, at home, or in their neighbourhood, many girls are lacking even basic literacy and numeracy skills.


Many girls and young women in the slums are generally less educated, less healthy, and less free than their male peers. They do not enjoy the basic rights and protections of citizenship, including the right to reach majority age, attend school, access health care services and information, hold certain jobs, stop unwanted sexual advances, or obtain justice for sexual assault and abuse.


Because of their lack of economic opportunity and the social norms disfavouring them, girls and women are often regarded as less worthy of investment or protection from their families, resulting in early marriage and motherhood. Investment in girls’ education, health, protection from violence, and economic opportunity enable girls’ to realise their human rights. For too long, girls in the slums have been kept in the background and that is a fact. And we use religion, tradition and cultural practices as an excuse. They are our girls who will soon grow to become women and they need to be empowered.

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Our profound appreciation goes to our sponsors above who are helping in making it possible for a slum girl child to have the needed attention and education she deserve to become phenomena. Many profound thanks also goes to individuals like Mrs Matilda Amissah Arthur – the wife of the vice president of Ghana, Alhaji Azumah of 37, Hajia Fuseina of Kasoa, Nana Moses and many more who one way or the other are contributing to the success story of Achievers Ghana. ABC_2

With 250 girls and still counting, many girls are there waiting to be helped and come out from their bondage. You can also be part of this wonderful initiation of making a slum girl a productive citizen of their various communities. Your contributions and donations will make this possible. Come and be part of these this noble call and help change and make the life of a slum girl a better one.


A Memorable Visit

Meeting and hearing from individual role models that girls can relate to is invaluable in sparking their interest in various careers.


Achievers Ghana had the privileged of meeting Mr. Rob Short, a technician working on kindle devices in USA to interact with our girls.

img_20160916_162434           img_20160916_162609


It was really inspirational moment as the girls asked very intriguing  questions which was also met and followed by motivational answers from our visitor.


Surprisingly, both educational and career questions were asked by these young girls. As Mr. Short in his own statement said  ” I was so impressed by the young girls ability and enthusiasm and also how welcoming they are. I thought their questions were thoughtful and addressed important issues”.


This is one of the testimony from Mr. Short which show that a slum girl has the ability and many potentials to lead and contribute meaning to the development of her community and the country at large when giving the needed support and attention.

img_20160916_161458  img_20160916_160841

The visitor was entertained with a beautiful and wonderful reading from the Worldreader kindle device by the girls. As reading is now a culture to Achievers Ghana we cannot do without it.


This visit by Mr. Rob Short was made possible by Yolanda Naa of Worldreader Ghana and our profound gratitude goes to her for making this possible. Achievers Ghana  and the girls are so fortunate to host such an inspirational man. The girls were really inspired and will never forget this day. Thank you so much for your wonderful time and we hope to see you some other time again.


A visit to the Great Castles

We believe that one way of making a girl child from the slum community phenomenal is to give her the opportunity to explore, experience,img_20160811_104054 appreciate different environment and cultural backgrounds.

The girls had an exciting opportunity to visit the two great Castles in Ghana, Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Many of these girls have never traveled outside the slum communities of Nima and Maamobi.

excursion-2This was received as a welcome and inspirational news by the girls to see what is beyond their immediate surrounding and to get to know about the great castles and happenings in those castles many years back when the news was broke to them about the intending visit.img_20160811_104028

They were taking through the dungeons and were told about the historical happenings during the slave trade era.  These girls were touched emotionally. Some could not even make it to certain places out of fear. Some shared tears as they thought of the situations during the time. They put themselves into the situation then.

Some photos of the visit below;excursion-6



End Early and Forced Marriages Now!

Achievers Ghana in collaboration with Center for Development Initiative (CDI) as part of their core objectives in ensuring the safety and protection of a girl child, organised a community awareness campaign on the theme “End Child Marriage Now – The role of religious and opinion leaders and parents in ending child marriages in our communities”


This campaign which was organised at Maamobi Community Center (CYC) on the 19th of August, 2016 attracted both parents, Imams, opinion leaders as well as children. The main objective of the campaigned is to sensitize stakeholders in our communities in helping to end early and forced marriages.


Child marriage is very common in our various communities. Child marriage is a union in which one or both partners involved are below 18 years.  The effect on girl’s education, health and economic prospect are severe.  The Director of CDI, Mr Alexis gave the introductory remarks explaining the dangers and effects of this social menace. He reiterated his commitment in ensuring an effective collaboration with other organisations in the war against early and forced marriages within our communities.


On his part, The Imam of Maamobi Chamba Community, Imam Hussein Abdul Rahman, in explaining the role of Islamic religion and issues of girl child marriage made the audience to understand that Islam do not encourage early and forced marriage but rather individuals who indulge in such an act do so in the name of tradition and culture and not Islam. He advised parents and guardians to desist from such an act and help their female children to have the needed skills in education to help them face the challenges in the contemporary world.


Video documentary on the consequences of early and forced  marriages were showed to allowed the audience to have a feel on the dangers of putting a girl child into early marriages.img_20160819_171205

Other activities such as poetry recital and drama on dangers of early and forced marriages by the young girls of Achievers were performed to give more messages to the audience. A drama on the “Plight of a girl Child” caught emotional attention of the audiences as they watch with much attention what is actually happening in our various communities regarding forced marriages.


A youth and drama concert Titled” Breaking the Myth” made up of children from three organizations in the Greater Accra region Sunday night held music and poetry lovers spellbound with a performance which many say can pitch the amateurs against their mentors in any future battle for honours. 5The program was held at the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons auditorium at Ridge. The program was coordinated and organized by Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, Wife of the Vice President. Together with children aged between six to fourteen years who played; with such brilliance that it was difficult to distinguish which of the groups did well.


The Program was planned: to provide an unforgettable Music Festival and drama for the unlucky children – was realized in more than 3 hours of hard work joy and happiness.

Addressing the audience, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur said she has been working hard to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of children through her own initiative. She said her aim is to help them increase access to Education through a lot of initiatives like the choral concert and drama. She said this would make the children know that they are not forgotten but can make it. “Children are the future leaders, and I am someone who believes in growing with the young generation in the area of Education,” she’s always stated. Mrs. Amissah Arthur’s primary objective is to help improve the lives and well-being of the youth and the less privileged members of the society.


Some of the personalities who graced the occasion were the Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, Chief Justice, Mrs. Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Dr. Alfred OKoe Vanderpuije, Accra Mayor, Nana Kobina Nketsia V, Omanhene of Essikado, The Omanhene of Eastern Nzema, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III, The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra, Reverend Father Andrew Campbell and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong. This made the children very happy because they are being recognized.


The participating organizations were Achievers Ghana based in Nima ,Kinder Paradise Ghana based in Prampram and  Basics based in Chokorkor.


10 scholarships for Ramadan Fundraising Campaign

Alhamdulillah, we are truly blessed to have reached another month in which our good deeds are multiplied manifold. This year 36 of our girls will graduate JHS. If they are to continue their education, we need to be able to support them with scholarships for SHS.

photo 1

Our goal for Ramadan is to raise Gh¢ 10,000 (Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis). This will provide scholarships for at least 10 of these girls. A generous donor has also committed to match any funds raised by 100%, meaning that if we can get enough donations we could possibly fund a total of 20 scholarships.


Will you help us achieve our Ramadan fundraising goal?

Any amount donated will help. Please be generous. Think about the benefit you can bring to these young and deprived children. Think about the reward you will have with Allah (swt). The Prophet (saws) said: “The best charity is that given in Ramadan. [At-Tirmithi]. We look forward to your support.

Please you can make your DONATION through MTN Mobile Money @ 0544512623

You can also visit any branch of Sahel Sahara Bank in Ghana and make your DONATION and for International transfer through information below:

Account Name: Achievers Ghana Education          Account Number: 1161043243801

Correspondence Bank Name: Ghana International Bank plc. London

Correspondence Bank BIC:     GHIBGB21

                                           May the blessings of Allah (swt) be with you.

Worldreader Expands E-Library at Achievers

In November 2014 Worldreader launched the first community E-Library in West Africa at Achievers Ghana. 25 e-reader devices with 120 books each.

Since then the girls at Achievers have been using the devices intensively to read books at home. However, with only 25 devices shared between almost 300 girls usage had to be restricted to only a few days a month per girl. Even so, some of the girls managed to read all 120 books several times over the past year.

Achievers Worldreader Launched

Achievers is therefore extremely grateful that Worldreader, with the support of a generous anonymous donor, has chosen to expand our e-library with another 25 devices taken the total up to 50. The new devices also carry a large number of new books for the girls to read.

On the 29th of January, the launch took place at Achievers in the presence Worldreader, Project Abroad – Ghana, local assembly members, other supporters and over 120 of the girls. The girls read stories from the devices and performed poetry and a  sketch (drama).

Achievers is extremely grateful to Worldreader and the donor for this wonderful contribution to improve the lives of our slum girls.





If you would like to support this programme or any other of the Achievers programmes, please contact Amadu Mohammed (mail@achieversghana.org).