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IMG_7680After School Coding Program 

Children grow up in a society that demands expertise in everything. You cannot sit back and decide that learning from textbooks is enough for the overall development of your child. It’s the age of specialization and your child cannot afford to miss out on this window of opportunity. So, scour your community for the most advantageous programs and enroll them for the ones you think are the best.

20151004_163330After School Reading & Writing Clinic

After school programs are basically designed to develop a talent or a skill that is ignored by regular schools. These programs could be educational or recreational in nature. Whatever type they are, they aim to keep the child active and interested. The most important advantage of a good after school program is that it widens your child’s area of interests. He or she is introduced to new things, sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging. Mastering a new art form or a new skill increases the child’s esteem. It also allows you to introduce your child to new career options. A child attending a public speech class may decide that she likes it so much that she wants to make a career out of it in the long run.

DSC_0310A Girl of Achievers Ghana giving a speech on Global Youth Service Day

Socialization is another great advantage of after school program. Children get to meet others who share their interests and make new friendships. An acting class or a soccer class can be lots of fun. Many of these programs coach children for performances or matches. Performing on stage or playing a match can be a great experience for a young child.

IMG_20161119_162831Socializing with a foreign volunteer 

After school programs keep your teenager busy. They have some amount of protection from destructive habits like drugs and alcohol. Surveys indicate that children who are kept busy through diverse absorbing activities are less prone to abuse, depression and burnout. Significant increase in achievement and attendance and a reduction in drop out rates are other advantages of a good after school programs.

photo 1Keeping children busy in a positive way will help broaden their horizon

Most after school program have children interacting with one or more adult. This allows them to benefit from positive relationships with adults. Children often find it difficult to confide in parents and teachers, but may open up with other adults.

IMG_7858Some girls interacting with an adult. 

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. We must provide them an environment that will help develop the capacity as they transit from childhood to adulthood. For children, a sense of community plays an important role in the development of their feelings of belonging and security. Children thrive in an environment of mutually supportive and caring relationship, because of this, early childhood services and after school community programs can act as an important point of connection for families.

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Achievers Ghana Performance at the World Children’s Day.

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Achievers Ghana at World Children’s Day

On World Children’s Day on November 20 – the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – children raised their voices in solidarity with the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

     Achievers Ghana opening performance

To mark this year’s World Children’s Day in West and Central Africa, children from various countries in the region will t over the ‘Africa Dialogues Conference’. On stage, the children will tell us about the Africa They Want.


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Scratch Coding Program at Achievers Ghana on Africa Code Week.

Imagine a nation with a coding generation? Young kids, adults and youth, using core analytical skills to solve problems, build industry and reduce inequality in Ghana.


Coding is the literacy of the digital age indeed, a whole new language for children and young adults to speak fluently and express themselves in the 21st Century.


This week marks the Africa Code Week and Achievers Girls are privileged to learned Scratch Programming from representatives of SAP supported by DreamOval.

downloadScratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

IMG_7680 IMG_7684





The eager to learn and to acquire new skills comes with joy and excitements at Achievers Learning Center. The girls were taken through developing basic skills in animation.

The program was graced with introduction of Achievers Ghana and it’s mission and vision by Amadu Mohammed, Director of Achievers Ghana and supported by Mr Francis Ahene-Affoh of DreamOval and some representatives of SAP.

The future of Ghana depends on the young people of today, and it is important that we develop this talent while it is young to ensure that we do not lose it later. We have a solution that can effectively address and radically change the current education system through enabling our students to become part of a global campaign that will see them being able to compete with the best of the best around the world.


Thank you for making this possible especially Mrs Amissah Matilda Arthur – Wife of former Vice President of Ghana who initiated the coming of DreamOval and SAP representatives.

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Educate a Girl, Change the World

Educating girls is essential to the advancement of a nation. This is not just about a few people’s lives (although it should matter just as much if it were), what Achievers is doing is going to have and effect on Ghana as a whole. But we can’t do it alone. Be a part of something big, be part of our success story of making a girl child a phenomenal. Make your DONATION here!  –

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BECE begins today – 27 Girls of Achievers Ghana taking part.

A total of 468,053 are expected to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which begins today [Monday] across the country.


The Ghana Education Service Speaking to Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of GES, Reverend Jonathan Bettey,  said they will not shield any teacher who engages in examination malpractice with a candidate.

“We are expecting that as we begin this year’s BECE, all teachers will be extra careful during the conduct of the examination. We’ve sounded warning to our invigilators and advised teachers also not to use mobile phones in and around the examination centres. We’ve told them to ban themselves from any other form of examination malpractices.”

“We will not be happy to support any teacher who will indulge himself into any examination malpractice with the children. Our eyes are wide open to get anybody who will thwart the efforts of the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education during the exams,” he added. –

27 girls of Achievers Ghana are taking part in this year’s exams. We wish them and all candidates the best of luck. If they are to continue their education after this exams, we need to support them with all needed resources.

Please follow the link below to DONATE!

Any amount donated will help. Please be generous. Think about the benefit you can bring to these young and deprived girls. The value of life isn’t measured by its duration but in its donation. Being good to people is building a bridge that you’ll need at some point.

We look forward to your kind donation and supporting us to improve the future of slum deprived girls for better.


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Thank you Achievers Ghana for giving me hope (Huda Anaafi)

Thank you Achievers Ghana for giving me hope. Those were the words of Huda Anaafi. Huda Anaafi is a proud member of Achievers Ghana and student of Alwaleed Comprehensive Basic Junior High School at Nima Kanda. Huda is preparing to write her Basic education Certificate examination starting from next month 5th of June, 2017. Miss Huda has been a member and a beneficiary of Achievers Ghana Scholarship and Girls empowerment program since 2011. She lives with her grandmother since age 4 and now age 15 in the Nima Slum.

Huda Anaafi will like to become Computer Technician and an army officer in the future. Huda’s educational depends on your kind donation. Make her dream come to reality.

HudaHuda Anaafi – a proud member of Achievers Ghana

Donate Now on GlobalGiving to help Achievers Ghana sponsor 350 girls in the slums of Ghana through this link:


We need to raise an amount of $5,000 from 40 donors within three weeks to become permanent partner to Global Giving starting from June 12 to 30.  We will need your kind support to help us exceed our target in order to help support many girls in the slums oPlease kindly share the link to all your family, friends, well wishers and all your contacts and encourage them to donate to help promote the well being of a deprived girl child. f Accra.

Please kindly share the link to all your family, friends, well wishers and all your contacts and encourage them to donate to help promote the well being of a deprived girl child. Thank you once again for your kind support and I hope to hearing from you soon.

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