Achievers coding class for girls in the slums of Ghana

As part of the BBC’s Young, Geeky and Black series looking at black coders, Bola Mosuro travelled to Ghana to meet women and girls being taught to code by a non-profit group, the Achievers Ghana, which aims to bring an education to girls living in slums. This is a coding class, organised by the AchieversContinue reading “Achievers coding class for girls in the slums of Ghana”

Achievers Ghana hosts World Peace Day 2015 in Nima

On 21st September, Achievers Ghana joined the rest of the world to celebrate “Peace One Day” on the theme “Reducing Domestic Violence.” The day was commemorated in a huge dubar attended by over 10 public and private school children within the community. We are extremely grateful to all the organizations who honored out invitation includingContinue reading “Achievers Ghana hosts World Peace Day 2015 in Nima”

Hafsa Issah….a future poet

Hafsa joined Achievers Ghana in our early years. She vividly remembers the day her father came home from his prayers and encouraged her to. He had found a group of young girls – young Achievers, he would later learn – studying on top of the roof of the local mosque. He was so impressed he wantedContinue reading “Hafsa Issah….a future poet”

The 2015 Ramadan Fundraiser: My Education….My Hope

Yesterday the world celebrated the Day of the African Child, which commemorates the massacre of hundreds of children in South Africa who were demonstrating for their basic right to education.  Each day, as an organization, we continue this march to ensure that All girls especially in slum communities in Ghana are empowered through education. We couldn’t be more pleasedContinue reading “The 2015 Ramadan Fundraiser: My Education….My Hope”

The Achievers on National TV again!

We were very excited to once more contribute on national tv to discussions on empowering the girl-child in slum communities thanks to Mrs Acolatse Apaloo, hostess of Women’s Voice. Congratulations to our very own 13-year old Muna Hamidu and Amadu Mohammad, founder and Director, for representing us on the show. They talked on challenges facing the girl-child in slums such as NimaContinue reading “The Achievers on National TV again!”

The Achievers reading more …thanks to e-library

People always ask precisely what we do every evening at Achievers. Well, every evening, over 60 girls troop into the center to participate in discussion sessions, public speaking seminars, writing workshops,  poetry and arts, tech workshops, or simply to read a book on one of the 25 e-readers (100 titles each) we are opportune to have through aContinue reading “The Achievers reading more …thanks to e-library”

Global Youth Service Day

“This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” Robert Kennedy  Achievers Ghana  is  extremely pleased to be hosting the 2015 Global Youth Service Day celebration inContinue reading “Global Youth Service Day”

More than 130 additional scholarships for girls in 2014

2014 was a year of substantial growth for the Achievers. With the help of our generous donors and supporters, large and small, we were able to provide an additional 136 scholarships for girls from the Nima slum community, so they are able to attend school. The total number of scholarships provided by the Achievers at theContinue reading “More than 130 additional scholarships for girls in 2014”

Alcatel – Lucent visits Achievers Ghana

This November we were able to host volunteers from Alcatel – Lucent through a collaboration with tech needs girls. The event themed ” You can also make it!” was a platform for these volunteers to share real life experiences with our girls, mentor and motivate them. Alcatel – Lucent also provided training to our girls on how to setContinue reading “Alcatel – Lucent visits Achievers Ghana”

Muhina (13 yrs) starts school for the very first time

It’s stories like Muhina’s that inspire us to continue doing what we do: ensuring that girls in slum communities are equally empowered through education. 13-year-old Muhina Sullaman was enrolled for the very first time in school this November by Achievers Ghana. Muhina, who is starting at Primary 2 with her younger sister Zakiya (9 years), isContinue reading “Muhina (13 yrs) starts school for the very first time”