Achievers Ghana on CCTV Africa News

Teaching girls in the slums to use technology to advocate, connect and increase awareness of key issues affecting them will constantly help change their well-being for better. It will also inspire, educate and equip a girl child in a slum community with the computer skills. Achievers Ghana Coding program believes to close the gender gapContinue reading “Achievers Ghana on CCTV Africa News”

Global Fund for Children (GFC)Sponsors Achievers Ghana

What a delight it was for the deprived girls in the  Ghana slums when they learnt that, Global Fund for Children (GFC) included Achievers Ghana into their grant sponsorship list. This means more deprived girls will have access to quality education. GFC is a Global organisation which work to advance the dignity of children worldwide. It’s missionContinue reading “Global Fund for Children (GFC)Sponsors Achievers Ghana”

Achievers coding class for girls in the slums of Ghana

As part of the BBC’s Young, Geeky and Black series looking at black coders, Bola Mosuro travelled to Ghana to meet women and girls being taught to code by a non-profit group, the Achievers Ghana, which aims to bring an education to girls living in slums. This is a coding class, organised by the AchieversContinue reading “Achievers coding class for girls in the slums of Ghana”

Amina Ismail in Senior High School

After struggling with setbacks in basic education due to early and force marriage, Amina Ismail, Co-founder of Achievers Ghana, had finally made it to the Senior High School. Amina graduated Rising Sun Montessori school, which supported her with a scholarship, in July with aggregate grade of 11. After a long allocation wait she finally receivedContinue reading “Amina Ismail in Senior High School”

Achievers Ghana hosts World Peace Day 2015 in Nima

On 21st September, Achievers Ghana joined the rest of the world to celebrate “Peace One Day” on the theme “Reducing Domestic Violence.” The day was commemorated in a huge dubar attended by over 10 public and private school children within the community. We are extremely grateful to all the organizations who honored out invitation includingContinue reading “Achievers Ghana hosts World Peace Day 2015 in Nima”

RisingSun Montessori’s Scholarship Exams for the Achievers

Is another academic year again and Achievers Ghana as usual has been given another opportunity to send girls from Achievers to write exams in order to qualify for full scholarship for the RisingSun Montessori School. Our profound gratitude goes to the Board of Directors and Management team of RisingSun Montessori for helping to salvage theContinue reading “RisingSun Montessori’s Scholarship Exams for the Achievers”

The Leading Ladies’ Network – Achievers next corporate sponsor

Achievers Ghana is extremely pleased with our gradually increasing list of corporate sponsors as we welcome the Leading Ladies’ Network as one. With their support, at least five new girls will receive full sponsorships to stay in school in this new and upcoming academic  year – very exciting! Even prior to this, and since FebruaryContinue reading “The Leading Ladies’ Network – Achievers next corporate sponsor”

Hafsa Issah….a future poet

Hafsa joined Achievers Ghana in our early years. She vividly remembers the day her father came home from his prayers and encouraged her to. He had found a group of young girls – young Achievers, he would later learn – studying on top of the roof of the local mosque. He was so impressed he wantedContinue reading “Hafsa Issah….a future poet”

I can stand in public and talk……Aisha Ibrahim

  14-year old Aisha grew up in Nima. She was raised single-handedly by her grandmother, Bere (she calls her). Bere is very pleased that Aisha has now become an Achiever and can pursue her dreams of becoming a journalist. Even as a child, Aisha would sit in front of the TV to listen to the news beingContinue reading “I can stand in public and talk……Aisha Ibrahim”

I want Achievers to help support my education….Hajara Mustapha

I want Achievers Ghana to help me achieve my goals by supporting me in my education…..the 13-year old says. Hajara Mustapha is from a family of 8 in Nima. She dreams of becoming a medical doctor and helping her community understand and practice preventive medicine. Her very first day at Achievers, Hajara admits being so impressedContinue reading “I want Achievers to help support my education….Hajara Mustapha”