Invest in Girls Education, Change the World.


Dear friends and love ones,

Greetings from girls of Achievers Ghana as we all move towards the end of 2020 and embrace the promise of a brand new year. We hope this finds you well, here is a little from us………

Achievers Ghana is happy for your kind support; it is a collective effort to improve the lives of deprived girls and you are part of it.

Our team ensures that no girl child is left behind. We always try to make a plan to promote the wellbeing of a girl child in deprived communities. We are on the lookout for ways to increase the scope of our actions going forward into 2021.

Your ongoing support of our girl child empowerment project and the individual sponsoring of girls means that they can make a future for themselves.

Thank you to all who have continued to support us over this period. We are especially grateful for those who continue to remember us even in the middle of the difficulties.

Because of you, there are many girls in slum communities who have regain their hope of becoming responsible and productive citizens. Our big and growing family really appreciate your kind and usual support. You can be certain that we appreciate every single support you and your love ones have extended to us.

The cost of tuition fees and other learning aids for the girls is a constant worry and we have recently been struggling to meet our cost (in the longer term). But we are blessed with friends and love ones who are always our backbone.

One of our primary objectives has always been for Achievers Ghana to be able to generate its own income so that the work can be sustained and expanded. We will continue to seek for your support until we achieve our mission and vision of ensuring that all girls the right and desirable life for themselves. Thank you so much!

Help Us Reach Our Goal.


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