Empowering 200 girls in Programming and Robotics in Nima – Accra.

DreamOval Foundation in collaboration with Achievers Ghana is pleased to present the Females In Tech Initiative (FemITI) to introduce 200 girls in Nima to programming and Robotics.

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FemITI is a project to train young girls to develop program solving skills through coding and robotics to empower them to facilitate technology creation to generate opportunities for social transformation and poverty alleviation.  This training program will be offered at no cost to the girls.

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Female enrolments in schools continue to decline progressively from the basic to the tertiary level of our educational system. This is the reason why we find it important to help with the development of young women and to ignite their interest in ICT education in Ghana.

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FemITI will focus on programming, Internet of Things and Robotics training targeted at girls between the ages of 13 – 17 years. The purpose of this project is to equip the selected girls with digital skills which can be used to solve problems peculiar to their communities and can be a means to generate income. Our goal is to help the girls create a path for their success in education and to give them relevant skills for livelihood and sustenance.

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The objective of FemITI is to create the foundation for young females to develop relevant IT skills to catapult them into entrepreneurship in STEM-related careers which seem to be a specialty dominated by men. We believe this initiative will provide the platform to harness knowledge sharing among women in the tech industry and most importantly create opportunities to develop women and increase female employment rate in the country.  We have realized over the period that many people have misconstrued perception about ICT related fields as reserved for men and we hope to break that myth with this project.

The project focuses on girls in both Junior High School and Senior High School and will run for 8 weeks on Saturday from 9am to 4pm. All teaching and learning material will be provided for the girls and they will be given unlimited access to a pool of female mentors who will guide them, motivate them and monitor their progress over the period. The training will end with the girls participating in a boot camp.

This is a maiden edition of this initiative and we hope that the program serves as an opportunity and create better future for our young girls in Nima.

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