RYTHM Foundation Sponsors E-Readers And Digital Books To Achievers Ghana


RYTHM Foundation (RF), through its partnership with Worldreader, funded an e-reader project for Achievers Ghana by sponsoring 50 Kindle e-readers immaculately pre-loaded with 100 books. The concept here was instead of setting up libraries and filling them with physical books, these custom-designed e-readers would provide more flexibility and mobility for accessing books, in addition to providing more convenience in terms of space and cost.

the-e-readers-we-sponsored-in-partnership-with-worldreader-768x576The e-readers we sponsored in partnership with Worldreader.

Worldreader (WR) is a non-profit organization providing e-reading facilities and digital books to rural and underprivileged schools in the African-Sub Saharan region. Apart from using technology to promote reading, WR also helps local authors from Africa and India to digitize and translate their books, encouraging local authors to write more and inspire young students to take up writing.

mr.-nicholas-goh-coo-of-quest-international-university-perak-qiup-3rd-from-right-with-representatives-from-worldreader-768x576Mr. Nicholas Goh, COO of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) 3rd from right with representatives from Worldreader

Achievers Ghana is a program located in one of the biggest slums in West Africa that has a small, but thriving e-reading program. Currently, there are around 350 girls in their program and their main objective is to inspire, educate and equip girls in slum communities, focusing on reading and empowerment through a school-to-school reading program throughout the slum.

some-of-the-girls-who-benefit-from-our-sponsorship-768x576Some of the girls who benefit from our sponsorship.

On Friday, 17 March 2017, representing the Foundation, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Director of Business Development for the QI Group and Regional Director of Africa, and Mr. Nicholas Goh, Chief Operating Officer of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) traveled to Nima in Ghana to meet with representatives from both Achievers Ghana and WR as well as the girls who have benefited from RF’s sponsorship of the e-readers. In his speech, Mr. Krishna Kumar, who has daughters of his own, spoke of how heartwarming it was to see so many bright, intelligent girls in the room whom he referred to as the future of Ghana.

inspiring-speech-from-mr.-krishna-kumar-director-of-business-development-for-the-qi-group-and-regional-director-of-africa.-623x414Inspiring speech from Mr. Krishna Kumar, Director of Business Development for the QI Group and Regional Director of Africa.

RF identifies with Achievers Ghana in the belief that the first step to preventing social crisis amongst girls is through educating them when they are young, similar to what the Foundation advocates through programs such at the Maharani Camp.

inspiring-speech-from-mr.-nicholas-goh-coo-of-qiup--768x1024Inspiring speech from Mr. Nicholas Goh, COO of QIUP.

The Foundation hopes to establish its presence in the region and build long-term partnerships with both Achievers Ghana and WR, working together to continue educating young girls in the communities they serve and uplift the surrounding communities. We also hope to eventually replicate this concept and program in its own Maharani Learning Lab in Sungai Siput, broadening education through technology in addition to building knowledge, skills and self-confidence amongst the participants.

One of the students reading from an e-reader device and some of the girls who benefit from the sponsorship. 


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Achievers (Ghana) has a simple mission: Quality Education for all Girls in slums in Ghana

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