Why invest in slum girls’ education?

Most women and girls in the slums of Accra, do not often get the necessary support that is required from their families or community to gain an education. Some of these girls who were lucky to find themselves in the classroom are there without a purpose. Probably, there are sent there just to pave way for the parents or family members to have a peace of mind at home and not with the intention to develop a career out of it or to be responsible .


When a family does not have the financial resources to provide quality education to all their children, they prefer to give more education to their boy children. Because most of the women are not educated, they are unable to provide quality education to their daughters. So slum-based women and girls are trapped in a vicious circle, and the education of many girl children is neglected. The girls find it very difficult to get quality basic education. They do not have a positive supportive environment and attention that is required.


After school, in their slum community, there are no safe places where they can gather and learn on their own. Their families often prefer girls to stay home, and don’t support their learning.

Without support for their education at school, at home, or in their neighbourhood, many girls are lacking even basic literacy and numeracy skills.


Many girls and young women in the slums are generally less educated, less healthy, and less free than their male peers. They do not enjoy the basic rights and protections of citizenship, including the right to reach majority age, attend school, access health care services and information, hold certain jobs, stop unwanted sexual advances, or obtain justice for sexual assault and abuse.


Because of their lack of economic opportunity and the social norms disfavouring them, girls and women are often regarded as less worthy of investment or protection from their families, resulting in early marriage and motherhood. Investment in girls’ education, health, protection from violence, and economic opportunity enable girls’ to realise their human rights. For too long, girls in the slums have been kept in the background and that is a fact. And we use religion, tradition and cultural practices as an excuse. They are our girls who will soon grow to become women and they need to be empowered.

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Our profound appreciation goes to our sponsors above who are helping in making it possible for a slum girl child to have the needed attention and education she deserve to become phenomena. Many profound thanks also goes to individuals like Mrs Matilda Amissah Arthur – the wife of the vice president of Ghana, Alhaji Azumah of 37, Hajia Fuseina of Kasoa, Nana Moses and many more who one way or the other are contributing to the success story of Achievers Ghana. ABC_2

With 250 girls and still counting, many girls are there waiting to be helped and come out from their bondage. You can also be part of this wonderful initiation of making a slum girl a productive citizen of their various communities. Your contributions and donations will make this possible. Come and be part of these this noble call and help change and make the life of a slum girl a better one.


Published by Achievers (Ghana)

Achievers (Ghana) has a simple mission: Quality Education for all Girls in slums in Ghana

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