A Memorable Visit

Meeting and hearing from individual role models that girls can relate to is invaluable in sparking their interest in various careers.


Achievers Ghana had the privileged of meeting Mr. Rob Short, a technician working on kindle devices in USA to interact with our girls.

img_20160916_162434           img_20160916_162609


It was really inspirational moment as the girls asked very intriguing  questions which was also met and followed by motivational answers from our visitor.


Surprisingly, both educational and career questions were asked by these young girls. As Mr. Short in his own statement said  ” I was so impressed by the young girls ability and enthusiasm and also how welcoming they are. I thought their questions were thoughtful and addressed important issues”.


This is one of the testimony from Mr. Short which show that a slum girl has the ability and many potentials to lead and contribute meaning to the development of her community and the country at large when giving the needed support and attention.

img_20160916_161458  img_20160916_160841

The visitor was entertained with a beautiful and wonderful reading from the Worldreader kindle device by the girls. As reading is now a culture to Achievers Ghana we cannot do without it.


This visit by Mr. Rob Short was made possible by Yolanda Naa of Worldreader Ghana and our profound gratitude goes to her for making this possible. Achievers Ghana  and the girls are so fortunate to host such an inspirational man. The girls were really inspired and will never forget this day. Thank you so much for your wonderful time and we hope to see you some other time again.


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Achievers (Ghana) has a simple mission: Quality Education for all Girls in slums in Ghana

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