Amina Ismail in Senior High School

IMG-20160118-WA0002After struggling with setbacks in basic education due to early and force marriage, Amina Ismail, Co-founder of Achievers Ghana, had finally made it to the Senior High School.

Amina graduated Rising Sun Montessori school, which supported her with a scholarship, in July with aggregate grade of 11. After a long allocation wait she finally received placement in SHS (Senior High School).

Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Nifa Senior High School where Amina is currently studying. With a strong passion to become a journalist, Amina never quits studying.

“I want to become journalist so that I can help expose those who treats girls and women badly and help to defend women and girls rights” said Amina.

To support her through SHS, Amina has received a full scholarship from a generous donor.

If you interested in sponsoring a scholarship for one of Achievers girls, please contact: Amadu Mohammed (


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Achievers (Ghana) has a simple mission: Quality Education for all Girls in slums in Ghana

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